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Great news! There are many ways you can help Congressional Dish without picking up the Congressional Record.

The best way to help the show is to tell your friends about it
Price: Free

The goal of Congressional Dish is to get as many Americans as possible to pay attention to what is happening in Congress. You are the key to the podcast’s success. The absolute best thing you can do for the show is spread the word.

The second best way to help the show is to tell strangers about it
Price: About 5-10 minutes of your time

One of the best ways to spread the word is by leaving excellent ratings and glowing reviews anywhere and everywhere podcasts are found.

iTunes is the world’s largest podcast directory and many other podcast directories and apps use iTunes to grab the show. If you leave one review, iTunes is the place it will have the most impact.

The third best way to help the show is to pay for it
Price: Whatever you think is fair

Congressional Dish podcast episodes are free and will always remain free, but that doesn’t mean that the production is without value. Congressional Dish, as a business, operates on the Value For Value model, which means that you receive the product upfront (the podcast) and then you pay whatever amount you consider fair for the value you receive from the show.

Congressional Dish has many payment options.

The most effective payment method is to send physical checks to the Congressional Dish P.O. Box. This is a great option because there is no “middle-man” taking a cut of the transaction; Congressional Dish gets every penny. An easy way to send lump sum checks or to set up a recurring subscription is to use your bank’s online bill pay function; this option costs you nothing extra and your bank even pays for the stamp!

Congressional Dish
2244 Oak Grove Rd
P.O. Box 30507
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

If you would like rack up those credit card awards while supporting Congressional Dish, please consider using PayPal to either contribute a lump sum or set up a monthly subscription by using the PayPal buttons below:

For those of you who would like to contribute on a per episode basis, please consider supporting the show via Patreon:

Become a Patron!

You can also help the show – and control how your money is used – by purchasing items on the show’s Amazon wish list; there you can see, buy, and ship things that Congressional Dish needs.

Amazon wish list

And last, you can also support the show by buying stuff for yourself! Simply enter Amazon via the search box on this website every time you shop and Congressional Dish receives a commission. How cool is that?
Price: Free… sort of

Buy anything on Amazon
Shop for books, media, & podcasting equipment using the Congressional Dish Amazon store

However you choose to support Congressional Dish, please know that this podcast would not exist without you. Thank you for being an essential part of the Congressional Dish team!

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